HUDA BEAUTY – Nude Obsessions Eye Shadow Palette (10g)

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Discover 3 universal mini eyeshadow palettes. Each palette features 9 seductive variations of the sexiest nudes, perfect for any style. Create your perfect nude shade!

Developed to match your skin tone and eye color, each palette contains a range of remarkable shades: velvety matte finishes, shimmery shadows and complementary metallics, all in silky, blendable textures.
Choose from 3 nude intensities: Nude Light, Nude Medium and Nude Rich Obsessions.

Shade description:
NUDE Light: A beautiful assortment of light, creamy plum shades in warm and cool tones. This palette features peachy shades and unexpected bursts of lavender and mauve. The brown and champagne highlights add incredible dimension to every look.

NUDE Medium: Huda’s favorite palette. Versatile, it offers a rich blend of spicy tones that combine chestnut tones with intense browns. It features metallic highlights in warm yellow and rose gold, rustic copper, powder pink, coral and unique terracotta shades.

NUDE Rich: An idyllic collection of rich, creamy hues, including milk chocolate and dark chocolate browns, crimson reds, powder pinks and sandy beiges with pink undertones. Patina gold, coppery bronzes, powdery pinks and deep brown metallic shades complete the palette to offer shine and dimension!

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HUDA BEAUTY - Nude Obsessions Eye Shadow Palette (10g)

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