MAKE UP FOR EVER – Invisible Coverage Fluid Foundation

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Experience the most photogenic foundation from MAKE UP FOR EVER.
Undetectable medium coverage

Created to meet the demands of new high-definition film and TV technology, ULTRA HD formulas are invisible under 4K cameras and to the naked eye. Perfect for professional makeup artists and for you.

ULTRA HD light-diffusing foundation combines flawless coverage with a second-skin texture to ensure even skin tone and a natural complexion.

The exclusive 4K complex provides invisible, natural and comfortable makeup.
Medium coverage, fluid formula blends easily into skin to conceal imperfections and even out skin tone.

Suitable for all skin types.
The range of shades meets all skin tones.

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Y205-Albatre, Y215-Jaune albatre, Y218, Y235-Beige ivoire, R240-Rose, Y245-Sable clair, Y255-Sable beige, Y305-Beige Clair, Y315-Sable, Y325-Chair, R330- Ivoire foncée, Y335-Sable foncé, Y345-Natural Beige, Y365-Dessert, Y405-Miel doré, Y415-Amande, Y445-Ambre, R370-Beige moyen, Y225-Marbre, R230-Ivoire, Y375-Sable doré, Y425-Miel, Y455-Praline, R510-Cafe, R530-Brun, Y252, Y373, Y383, Y412, Y422, Y463, Y513, Y522, Y508, R550, R560, Y532, Y533, Y545

MAKE UP FOR EVER - Invisible Coverage Fluid Foundation

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