MAKE UP FOR EVER – Kabuki Reboot 112 – Kabuki Brush

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The perfect tool for applying REBOOT MULTI-ACTIVE FOUNDATION

The makeup artists(1) at MAKE UP FOR EVER have created a brush for applying REBOOT MULTI-ACTIVE FOUNDATION: the Blurring Foundation Brush 112.

Why do we love it?

The density of the fibers in the new #112 brush was chosen to allow the material to be applied by smoothing it onto the skin or by tapping it.

Its ergonomic, slightly beveled shape harmoniously follows the contours of the face.

When applied, its bristles stay in place and offer a pleasant sensation on the skin. Its short and thick handle allows an optimal grip.

For an optimized application experience:
Modulate your coverage: for more coverage on certain areas, apply foundation by tapping with your #112 brush
(1)Professional Makeup Artists

MAKE UP FOR EVER - Kabuki Reboot 112 - Kabuki Brush

$ 29,90

In stock