Nars – Blush (4.8g)

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NARS, one of the leading players in blush, offers a wide palette of colors for the cheeks, with fresh shades that will instantly flatter all skin tones.
Its ultra-fine pigments offer a silky texture that ranges from matte shades to the most iridescent highlights. Each shade of blush will delicately enhance your complexion in a matter of moments.

Why we love it?
A wide choice of colors to blend in as close as possible to your skin tone or enhance your complexion.

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Coeur Battant – mat, Liberté, Amour – mat, Deep Throat – irisé, Dolce Vita, Exhibit A – mat, Luster – mat, Mata Hari – mat, Orgasm – irisé, Sin – irisé, Taj Mahal – irisé, Taos – irisé, Torrid – irisé, Orgasm X, Tempted, Illicit, Savage, Behave, Dominate, Aroused, Thrill, Zen

Nars - Blush (4.8g)

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