TARTE – Creaseless concealer

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Waterproof, full coverage, creamy concealer with precision applicator for flawless application.

Completely covers dark circles, hyperpigmentation, redness & brightens the eyes.

Moisturizes under-eye skin.

Waterproof formula won’t run into fine lines.

Activated with vitamin C-rich maracuja for firmer, brighter & smoother skin.

Products without animal ingredients
*Good for vegans.

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8S Porcelain sand (8 g), 10B Fair beige (8 g), 10N Fair (8 g), 13N Fair-light neutral (8 g), 20B Light beige (8 g), 20N Light (8 g), 20S Light sand (8 g), 22H Light honey (8 g), 25H Light-medium (8 g), 25N Light-medium neutral (8 g), 25S Light-medium sand (8 g), 32N Medium neutral (8 g), 32S Medium sand (8 g), 33N Medium (8 g), 34G Medium golden (8 g), 34H Medium honey (8 g), 36B Medium-tan beige (8 g), 40N Tan (8 g), 40S Tan sand (8 g), 43H Tan-deep (8 g), 43N Tan-deep neutral (8 g), 45S Tan-deep sand (8 g), 50H Deep (8 g), 52S Deep sand (8 g), 55G Rich golden (8 g), 55H Rich honey (8 g), 56N Rich (8 g), 57S Rich sand (8 g), 60N Mahogany (8 g), 61H Espresso (8 g)

TARTE - Creaseless concealer

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